About Us

Lanique Design – Jewellery designed for you.

Lanique Design offer face to face customer service.

Nina Lafeld is the owner and Jeweller of Lanique Design.

The name comes from LAfeld NIna uniQUE, capturing Nina’s passion for unique jewellery and design.

Nina has experience of 15 years as a qualified jeweller. She specialises as a Goldsmith.  Nina was trained in Germany, but has worked throughout the world, including some time in Africa and in Australia for the last 9 years.

Nina has a lot of experience in stone settings, particularly diamonds and gemstone settings.

Nina will work with you to produce a piece of Jewellery that is designed especially for you.

This includes a personalised meeting to talk about your ideas and the various options available.

Nina will spend time with you to understand exactly what you want and deliver the expected end result, all within the agreed time frame.

The purpose of this service is to produce a special item of Jewellery. One that captures your emotions, a piece to keep, even to become a family heirloom. A piece that will not be forgotten.

The design is hand drawn, and the jewellery is handmade using traditional techniques and craftsmanship.

Lanique Design also enjoy redesigning of old jewellery.We can even remelt and reconstruct from unwanted pieces.

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